The Evolving Elements Professional Roof Restoration Systems of paints includes specially formulated primers, sealers and topcoats for a wide range of roof surfaces.

The Evolving Elements Roof Coating System includes a full range of components and procedures for coating commonly encountered roof substrates. The Evolving Elements Roof Coating System is specifically designed to rejuvenate, restore and seal old and aged roofs to their former colours, or to a new and more modern colour. 

What are the benefits of roof painting?

Painting your roof not only improves the appearance and value of your house, it can also improve the waterproofing of the tiles. When Solar Reflective roof paints are used, you can save money on your energy bills as it will heat your home in the cold months of winter and deflecting some of the sun’s ferocity and keep your home cooler in the summer.

Why we use Evolving Elements Paints.

Evolving Elements manufactures a wide range of paint and protective coatings for decorative and protective purposes. Their comprehensive and technically advanced range of roof coatings has been developed over more than 30 years as a result of substantial application experience, market research and manufacturing excellence.

Evolving Elements roof coatings are designed to withstand the tough Australian environment, protecting and enhancing the appearance of your most valued asset. Unlike many other roof paints, Evolving Elements roof coatings are manufactured from tough acrylic resins and fade-resistant pigments that are durable, flexible and resistant to ultraviolet sunlight. This provides complete waterproof protection for your roof. Evolving Elements roof coatings are also environmentally friendly and suitable for the collection of drinking water.

Our Roof Restoration Process

Prior to painting a roof whether a terracotta, tin/iron or cement tile material, the roof needs to go through a thorough preparation process.

Surface Preparation – Premclean

Depending on the roof type and the condition of the roof. The surface preparation will include a premclean, which is applied before the pressure clean to assist with dirt, oil, moss and lichen removal. It is a high grade product designed specifically for releasing moss, lichen, and minor deposits of grease and oil from various substrates to make subsequent pressure cleaning faster and more effective.

Anti-mould Plus+

The Anti-mould Plus+ is a biocide treatment, an inhibitor of moss lichen, algae & moulds, applied after cleaning & before priming.


For passivation & removal of light rust from metal and Galvanised iron roof sheeting. It also facilitates removal of minor deposits of oil and grease as well as chemically etching the metal surface to ensure optimum adhesion of the subsequent primer coat.

Primer Coat – Surface Prime Plus+

Primer for metals containing rust preventing agents, inhibitors, adhesion promoters and inert fillers. This requires only one coat.

Top Coast – Duramembrane

100% acrylic, specifically designed to restore, rejuvenate and seal old and aged roofs to their known former colours, or to a new and more modern colour. It is a highly durable flexible finish, formulated for excellent resistance to Australian and
South East Asian weather. Two coats are required to achieve the ultimate finish.






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