Major disaster can be avoided by our leak detection and roof repair service. As soon as you notice any rain drops, wet spots, water stains on the plaster, call We Do Roofs to organise a roof professional to come out to your property.

24 hour Emergency Storm Roof Repair Service

We do Roofs has a 24 hour emergency leak detection and repair service for storm damaged roofs which will cost you $400.00* (GST inclusive) With the leak detection and repair service our roofing professionals will come to your home and with any of the materials we have on board our vehicle we will fix the leak and provide you a quote for a complete roofing solution.

Materials we keep on board will usually include up to 5 tiles, aluminium flashing, silicon and flexible mortar. Whilst onsite, a detailed inspection and assessment of roof will be made along with digital photos of problem areas.

Areas we service

What is causing your roof to leak?

Whether you have a tin/metal, zincalume or tile roof they do require maintenance. Most of the time when a roof is leaking it is because your roofing material has deteriorated to a point that water can now get through. Water doesn’t wait for an invitation once it sees a crack it will invite itself in. 

Tiled roofs can have the pointing break down over time, tiles crack and eventually water will sneak in, when this happens it will cause a great deal of damage to your internal ceiling plaster. We Do Roofs will repair broken tiles and your roofing pointing to prevent further damage. 

Why use We Do Roofs for your roof repairs?

We do Roofs offer a workmanship guarantee for all services provided by us. As part of our ongoing commitment to quality and assurance, we will only use the best products and materials available in Australia, our suppliers also offer a manufacturer’s warranty for their materials.